HoneyChildListen - Let's Bee Honest - Waldorf, MD
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Let's BEE Honest!
 Hosted by Honey Carter

Calling All the Strong, Successful Women...
in my life!

Thank you for accepting my invitation to join me and other powerful women just like you in a conversation of empowerment.


Saturday, September 29, 2018
*Location of the event will be sent to you after registration is completed
6:00PM - 9:00PM

You will leave this event feeling more positive and powerful than ever. This evening will not only make you feel more powerful, but it will confirm that you have the power and the purpose for change.

Bring your favorite bottle of something and your message to change 
minds and more.

*Location of the event will be sent to you after registration is completed

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Ladies, can we talk? I mean can we really talk...Let's BEE Honest! 

You are invited to share a casual and relaxing evening while enjoying a few glasses of wine, cocktails, good conversation and more.

This is an evening for empowerment, relaxation and releasing, it's all about us...we will toast to our successes, misfortunes (because they make us stronger), life as it is now and how we want to see it in the future.

I am launching a new channel on my website called "Let's Bee Honest" with Honey Carter

This is a recorded event and will be shared on many social media websites. So, don't be shy. Today, I don't want you to think about yourself. I want you to think about the women around the world who need the purpose, the message, and the gift that resides in you. This is your opportunity to use your girl powers for good and empower a sister, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, with the strength to finally make a life decision that they have been struggling to make for years.

This invitation is only extended to women in my life that I believe has a genuine heart, mind and soul to empower others.

There is no charge for this event. I will provide food and drinks. You are welcome to bring your favorite food or drink to share.

For more information send an email to HoneyCarter@honeychildlisten.com or 
call 240-339-FREE