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What A Confident Woman Knows?

What A Confident Woman Knows?

Women has always been labeled and defined by so many over the years.  What’s amazing is how women are always put into a box as to what they can and can’t do.  We are now living in a time when more women are running their households as single parents, earning a living on their own, and creating and running successful businesses.  These women are smart, confident, resilient, and savvy.  They have allowed themselves to step outside of the box that society has placed them in for so long.  They are mothers, teachers, wives, politicians, business and spiritual leaders that have learned how to keep a balance between life and work.  They are confident women. 

A confident woman knows that life is about learning and growing and accepts the good and bad experiences that come with life knowing that she learns from them both. She knows that learning will help her grow into the woman that god has destined her to be.  She knows and understands that she is not perfect in the eyes of others and will make mistakes as she continue on her journey to self-discovery, growth, wellness, and success.  She’s comfortable in her own skin and knows that beauty comes from within.  She is not defined by others, her position, her skin color, hair, body size, a job title, her status, her money, her make-up, clothes, or material possessions.  She knows her self-worth, who she is, and where she’s going.  She is capable of making sound decisions and charting her own course in life.  She has a positive outlook on life and is not affected by how people perceive her.  She refuses to let the judgment of others stop her from being who she is and takes pride in self.  She will not allow herself to be put in a box in a cold and cookie-cutter world.  She has goals, dreams, and aspirations and sets out to accomplish them by executing a plan. 

A confident woman knows that in order to accomplish anything in this world you have to be willing to embrace change, tune out the negativity, accept your failures, and never give up on what you believe in.  Her circle is full of positive people that she can learn from.  If she is knocked down by the woes and blows of life, she is confident enough to pick herself back up and keep moving.  She exemplifies success by writing her own success story and embracing her journey by helping others achieve their goals along the way.   

Confident women understand that some may confuse their confidence with arrogance but that does not deter them from their life plans.  They also know and understand that no matter how low they may feel, they must continue to hold their heads up high as they reach for the stars. 

A confident woman sees beyond the immediate.  In every situation in life whether good or bad, it is important to be able to see beyond the immediate and know that things will eventually work out.  It’s called taking a proactive role to getting things done.  We may not always get what we want in life, but you will never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try.  “Action” is the key word to getting things done.  For every problem, there is a solution. 

A confident woman knows the importance of seeing beyond the here and now.  She does not allow challenges to set her back in life.  She continues on her journey by staying focused on what she’s trying to accomplish.  She makes the right connections to the right people, at the right time by networking, and keeping herself in the loop of what’s happening around her at all times.  She doesn’t allow herself to get too comfortable in a situation whereas she is not willing to embrace change.  She’s very quick on her feet and knows when and how to make the necessary adjustments in life to keep her on a path to success.  She is powerful and fearless and understands that knowledge is power so she continues to educate herself on what matters.  She’s smart, business savvy, and focused.  She takes care of her health by exercising, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and keeping a clear mind. 

Her thoughts and actions are well thought out and aligned to what she’s trying to accomplish in life.  She’s a doer, a thinker, and a well accomplished woman.  She’s always prepared for the unexpected and knows how to shift gears when necessary.  She has no fear of failure.  She’s secure and confident enough to walk into a boardroom, a business meeting, a principal’s office or a bank and convey exactly what she wants without the fear of being rejected or ignored.  She don’t sit around and watch things happen, she goes out and make them happen.  Confident women keeps a balance in their life and knows how to keep themselves organized and on task. They place themselves around like-minded individuals that can continue to help them grow as they set out to become innovators and creators of new ideas.  Confident women are the future leaders and teachers of tomorrow who will not let no one or nothing stop them from being all that they can be. 

Written By:  Author Alicia S. Walker 


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